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  Mediator and Independent Legal Consultant


Alison Haly brings new energy and expertise to mediating complex disputes.  Mediating is not about passing offers from one room to another, overwhelming a party or telling them repeatedly that there are risks or disadvantages to not resolving the matter.  An effective mediator must ensure the right people and opportunities are present, all necessary preparations are attended to, be an expert in the law, allocate sufficient resources and time to the task and unlock all relevant underlying interests, cognitive issues, biases and options to enhance the chances of resolution.  They must also be able to work with the mediation attendees, lawyers and stakeholders to bring out the best outcomes for all.

Alison Haly operates a unique independent legal consultancy specialising in mediating complex disputes, including those dealing with insurance, contract, liability, employment, WHS, estate,  commercial and interpersonal issues and those disputes that deal with public impasse or require considered solutions to ensure justice is served.

Alison brings her passionate practice and research in negotiation and mediation, her leading reputation in Australia in legal practice and her Harvard training in Advanced Mediation to a highly focused mediation practice ready to assist law firms, corporations, governments and individuals to resolve disputes.  She also carries out:

  • Corporate training in WHS compliance; and

  • Reviews of corporate risk and insurance arrangements.

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